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How to order your canvas printing

Five easy steps:

  1. Simply click on the Select File button - Choose your photo
  2. Select a size range - Our website will automatically show you a preview
  3. If the size range does not suite your photo - Choose an alternative
  4. Select print size & framing style - Our website will show you a preview
  5. Add to basket!
Our website will normally upload up to 200Mb photo files or even larger.  We can accept jpg, jpeg, tif or tiff files through the website.
Any problems, please contact us.
Occasionally files will have difficulty uploading due to internet speeds.If you are having trouble uploading your photo file through our website please use WETRANSFER, a free file transfer website, to send us your image. They send us a link and we can then download your file. Alternatively, we are happy for you to email us a link from a DROPBOX account or any method you prefer.
Free File Transfer:
Simply email us with your requirements: Size & Framing Style. We will process your order manually and email you a payPal invoice (credit/debit cards accepted) or you can pay via BACS (bank transfer).
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